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Introduction of the company
company building
The company has its origin in a craftsman shop established in 1884.

Especially burners, tools, small machines and general equipment for a lot well developping glass blowery shops have been manufactured and offered.
Step by step the range of products has been extended to machines for production of thermometers and laboratory glassware.

With the further development of the technical glass industry in the area of ILMENAU the company became a powerful and capable manufacturer of machines and equipment for glass processing and -forming.

Besides an extended range of standard machines, special designs according to customers requests are offered by the company.

Our highly qualified engineers and skilled workers with a lot of experiences and technological Know How in the field of glass processing are the base of the company's success.

assembly room
In case of special projects general contractors are incorporated.

We have an "in house" design team, the machines are manufactured, assembled and tested in our own shops.

The company has all technical and personal conditions for testing and installation of machines for trial runs and the After-Sales-Service at the customers plant.

Since 1993 the company belong to the company group Preiss-Daimler.
Until 2004 these company was an independent Ltd. inside of the company group. After restructuring inside the company group this company now is a production plant of P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz.
Simultaneously the horizontal range of production was enlarged on special machines for glass yarn treatment.

Development and
highly qualified engineers
and skilled workers

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